Frequently-Asked Questions


Is Scruddle actually free?
Yes, unless you choose to upgrade to Scruddle Premium, which offers a few more features. See Plans & Prices for more information.


What is a profile?
A profile means several things. A profile can be your identity and information on a social media platform such as Facebook or Twitter. A profile can also be your email address, and includes the emails you receive. Finally, a profile can be a syndicated news service or blog to which you subscribe.
What social and news platforms are supported?
Below are the information and social platforms supported by Scruddle. "View Feeds" indicates that you can view information from that platform, while "Sharing" indicates that you can share to that platform
Platform View Feed Sharing
Custom News (RSS)
Subscription News
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What is a funnel?
Funnels allow you to organize how you view the information from your profiles. A profile funnel is a collection of your profiles grouped together and shown in the Scruddle message inbox together. A contact funnel is a collection of your contacts - people you follow on your social media sites - that are displayed together in the Scruddle message inbox.


How do I manage my account?
The Scruddle account management page provides numerous ways to change your web and mobile preferences, upgrade and cancel your subscription, and make billing information changes.